Groove/Anti-Groove at CAM’s Kissa


Improvising musician Jeb Bishop took the controls at the music kissa at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh Thursday, October 8. He dug into his vast vinyl and CD collection with the theme “Groove vs. Antigroove” in mind. Bishop defines that (loosely) as “a kind of alternation between music with a beat you can dance to […]

Jeb Bishop Helming the CAM Kissa this Thursday Night


Jeb Bishop is a trombone player originally from Raleigh and now back living locally after two decades in Chicago, where he worked with some of the most adventurous musicians in all of improvised music – Ken Vandermark, Peter Brotzmann, and Joe McPhee to name three.  In the late 1980s, before he left for Chicago, Bishop […]

Mac McCaughan & Jackie Mittoo in the CAM Kissa this Thursday


Jackie Mittoo‘s presence will be on vinyl.  That’s what Mac McCaughan will be spinning on the kissa’s two turntables during his second appearance in the kissa (you can read about his first HERE).  8-10pm. Also, come to CAM Thursday before the kissa – 6 to 8pm – to see our expansion of the Big, Bent Ears installation. […]

Laura Ballance Launches Fall Kissa Schedule Thursday


Thursday night, September 17, Laura Ballance, the musician (Superchunk) and record label co-founder (Merge), will kick off our fall kissa season at CAM Raleigh in earnest, after a week off for Labor Day. The last time Ballance helmed the kissa’s turntables, she called her setlist, “Songs about Love and related emotions: A Gross Overview (Approx. […]

David Burris Spinning Vinyl in the Kissa Thursday Night


This Thursday night, September 3, the musician and filmmaker, David Burris, kicks off the Fall season in the underground kissa at CAM Raleigh, a feature of our Big, Bent Ears installation.  He’ll be spinning vinyl records 8-10pm. We asked Burris what records he planned to bring to the kissa on Thursday and he responded: “I […]

Tonk at CAM Kissa this Monday the 24th


Three members of the terrific, Raleigh-based country band, Tonk, will be spinning vinyl records in the underground kissa at CAM Raleigh on Monday night August 24.  Tonk’s acoustic guitarist Jay Brown, pedal steel player Shepherd Lane, and drummer Bo Taylor will be helming the two turntables in the kissa 8-10pm.  We aren’t sure what records […]

Scenes from Hiss Golden Messenger’s Kissa Session Last Night

Hiss 1

Last night M.C. “Mike” Taylor, whose ensemble performs as Hiss Golden Messenger, spun vinyl records in our underground kissa session at CAM Raleigh, part of our ongoing Big, Bent Ears project.  Much fun was had.  Below are photographs from the evening by RFS’s Ivan Weiss along with Taylor’s set list, which ranged from Barry Hannah to Toots […]

Bill Thelen’s ‘Music for Shoulders’

Bill Thelen Music for Shoulders

Two nights ago in the CAM kissa, Bill Thelen, curator the CAM’s current drawing show, The Nothing That Is, spun a set of vinyl tracks that he called “Music for Shoulders.”  Below is his setlist.  We weren’t sure what he meant by “music for shoulders” but it became clearer as the set progressed.  See if […]

Peele Wimberley at the Kissa Thursday Night


  The drummer Peele Wimberley,member of two iconic bands, Johnny Quest and The Connells, will be spinning records in our underground kissa at CAM Raleigh tomorrow night, Thursday, August 6, from 8 to 10pm. Earlier today, in an email, Peele typed these notes about his possible playlist: I am doing 80s singles. Mostly British but […]