Sam Stephenson Wins Deems Taylor / Virgil Thomson Award

Deems : Virgil Award

This week Sam Stephenson was in NYC to receive his 2015 Deems Taylor / Virgil Thomson Award from the ASCAP Foundation for his piece on John Coltrane’s biographer, Dr. Cuthbert Simpkins, for The Paris Review.  The esteemed pianist and composer Matthew Shipp presented the award with a few much appreciated words.  Courtesy of ASCAP, with […]

Art of Cool Back at the CAM Kissa Thursday


We’re looking forward to Cicely Mitchell and Art of Cool‘s third appearance playing tunes in the underground kissa at CAM Raleigh.  Cicely will be playing music from the AOC 2016 lineup, which soars.  See images below.  This Thursday night.  8-10pm.  Beer/wine.

Notes from an Evening of 78′s with Marshall Wyatt

Marshall Wyatt's vintage amps at the kissa.  Photo by Marshall

On Thursday, October 22, our underground kissa at CAM Raleigh presented one of the most unique nights during the project: “Don’t Call It Vinyl” - An Evening of 78s with Marshall Wyatt.  Marshall brought in his own equipment (cited below) and played rare 78′s (setlist below), including at least one of which is the only known […]

Big Ears & Sonny Clark in Kissa this Thursday Night

Underground kissa at CAM Raleigh. October 2015.  Photo by Victoria Ralston

There’s been a late change in the kissa schedule for this week.  Tomorrow night, Sam Stephenson will be spinning records in place of Grayson Haver Currin, who has a conflict and is looking to fill a new date in the future. Stephenson will be playing music from the Big Ears Festival, which Rock Fish Stew […]

Kremmling, Colorado – October 2015


Something about this journey to Kremmling is more poignant to me than most of my many previous journeys in the footsteps of WES.  So I’m not going to offer much in terms of thoughts in writing.  I’m going to save them.  But here are some pictures.  Stay tuned.   The previous photo is from the […]

Bill Mooney in the Kissa: Mostly Music About Music Itself

Laura dern

Tomorrow night in our underground kissa at CAM Raleigh, Bill Mooney will be spinning records with a theme he’s calling “mostly music about music itself.” He also provided the included photograph as indication of his kissa set. Mooney has spent the last couple of decades creating merchandise (through his company, Tannis Root) for bands like Wilco, Sonic […]

Groove/Anti-Groove at CAM’s Kissa


Improvising musician Jeb Bishop took the controls at the music kissa at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh Thursday, October 8. He dug into his vast vinyl and CD collection with the theme “Groove vs. Antigroove” in mind. Bishop defines that (loosely) as “a kind of alternation between music with a beat you can dance to […]

Jeb Bishop Helming the CAM Kissa this Thursday Night


Jeb Bishop is a trombone player originally from Raleigh and now back living locally after two decades in Chicago, where he worked with some of the most adventurous musicians in all of improvised music – Ken Vandermark, Peter Brotzmann, and Joe McPhee to name three.  In the late 1980s, before he left for Chicago, Bishop […]

Mac McCaughan & Jackie Mittoo in the CAM Kissa this Thursday


Jackie Mittoo‘s presence will be on vinyl.  That’s what Mac McCaughan will be spinning on the kissa’s two turntables during his second appearance in the kissa (you can read about his first HERE).  8-10pm. Also, come to CAM Thursday before the kissa – 6 to 8pm – to see our expansion of the Big, Bent Ears installation. […]